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How To Remove Configurable Product Price From Dropdown In Magento

  • Date: October 11th, 2012 | by benzirhasan
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remove confiugrable product price from drop-down in magento

Recently in one of our magento project i faced an issue where my aim was to remove price from configurable product dropdown options. Coming up with an easy solutions was in my mind and i took resort to jQuery to sort it out.

The following steps will guide you to remove price from configurable product dropdown options.

1. Add jquery library in your theme & must use jquery noconflict like: “jQuery.noConflict()”

2. Open up  “configurable.phtml” file from your theme like following path if it already exists. If do not create/copy “configurable.phtml” file from “base” theme with all folders in the following path.

Note: “app/design/frontend” path already exist in magento just using for follow correct rest folders.

3. Add the following jQuery code on top of the “configurable.phtml” file.

Folks who are using magento 1.4 or previous versions please use the following javascript code instead as those versions don’t support jQuery.

you may have different ways to get it resolved i really would like to hear that, if you have any question please forward us as well, thank you !

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