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Thought Process of a Simple Room Reservation Web Design Project

  • Date: May 10th, 2017 | by Bajlul Haque
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room reservation user interface

The job was to design a sequence of web pages where a user will be able to log in and reserve a conference room, I set my goal to make the user interface friendly and easy to navigate.

The following questions were asked to get a better sense

  1. You want the calendar to be visible for everyone, correct?

       Client’s reply: To maintain confidentiality, I think we should have a page with a series of calendars listed or as icons (I prefer the latter). When you click on the icon it asks for a password. When you enter the password the calendar becomes visible. That way only people with access can see the calendars. I don’t want anyone across the plant being able to monitor our meetings or instrument use.


  1. When a user requests to reserve the conference room for a specific timeslot you as an admin would like to approve it, correct? being approved would you like to notify them by email?

       Client’s reply: I don’t think we need approval or email notification. Anyone who needs the calendar and has access can check out availability. First come first served!


  1. What Pacific timeslot will be in the calendar to choose, 9 am to 6 pm?

       Client’s reply: Let’s go with 8 AM to 6 PM PST.


  1. Also, would you like to set a reservation limit per day?

       Client’s reply: No limits, as long as people cannot double book.


  1. Do you have any example layout to share with us?

       Client’s reply: I found a few examples:



We would change this a bit, but that’s the basic idea. We can work on a design together. To make it less boring, maybe we can have a calendar icon to click on rather than just linked text.

Something like:


Those questions being replied I spent time to research & organize my thought and the following drafts were presented to the client

 sign up page

room reservation

room reservation confirmation

He replied pretty fast with the following feedback

#1 is fine… Except change “room” to “facility”. I assume that “signup” will send someone with login privileges an email requesting a reservation? If yes, then I like it!

#3 is good too, except that I would have “(conference rooms only)” next to “Facility requirements” and just call that “Special Requirements”. I would omit “First Choice Room” and Second Choice Room”.


Which are possible to implement during the coding phase and that’s it!

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