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Google AdWords and Harmful Websites

  • Date: May 16th, 2017 | by russell huq
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youtube harmful ad

It’s a shame that Google with so many well-paid engineers are allowing harmful websites to harm regular users through AdWords, the gradual increase in the significant AdWords revenue failed to turn their attention to this specific problem, last April I was searching in google with this term “Facebook”, saw and clicked the facebook ad which took me to a malicious site, right away I tweeted and AdWords did reply


google adwords april 8 tweet

Today I was searching with the term “Youtube” and the same thing happened, I tweeted and AdWords replied



adwords may 16 tweet

See the screenshot of those harmful sites, they are becoming more sophisticated and creative so it’s a must for the AdWords team to investigate this issue, warn and save users.

youtube harmful ad

facebook harmful ad

microsoft support scam

I also contacted facebook policy team back in April but got no reply, regular user data is their resource so why these big companies are allowing those culprits to harm users that is a big question. This wired.com article will bring you very little satisfaction.

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