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Fan Engagement Tool

Find out who is active on your facebook fanpage and engage with them. This tool has option to check competitors fanpage, give it a shot !


Steps To Use This Tool

  • Please click on "Continue With Facebook" button
  • The button being clicked you have to accept the facebook permissions
  • It will then take you to the dashboard where your fanpage list will be on the left and on the right you will see option to check competitors/other fanpages
  • Now to see who is active on one of the fanpage you manage Select from top, being selected you have to choose date range & number of engaged users
  • Then click on "Find Now" button to get the result. It might take some time depending on the page data
  • Now click on "Appreciate Now" button which appears below each profile to engage with your fans
  • To see active fans on a competitors fanpage or on a random fanpage you have to enter the fanpage URL, choose date range and number of engaged users. And then click on the "Find Now" button to get the result.
Facebook Fan Engagement Tool